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Built using Yeoman and the Angular-FullStack generator. Utilizes the following 'options' from the generator...

PreProcessor Languages


How to run the project

I. Install the DB

  1. Install Brew (homepage)
  2. Install mongod using this command brew install mongodb
  3. Set permissions to the data directory (if needed) sudo chmod 0755 /data/db
  4. Run mongod mongod

Install Node Packages

  1. In a terminal window, navigate to the app's folder.
  2. Optional: Run rm -rf node_modules && npm cache clean
  3. Run npm install
  4. Done!

II. Run the app

  1. In a new terminal window, navigate to the app's folder and run bower install
  2. Then run grunt to confirm everything builds correctly. For Unit Test failures; you can add an optional -f to force.
  3. Then run grunt serve to see everything run!
  4. That's it :)

Configuration Details

In order to have the site operate expectedly environment variables are used. These are defined in server > config > environment. You can set local environment variables for testing by creating a 'local.env.js' file within the server > config directory; a sample is available for reference!

On every environment the following ENV_VARS must be set...

Brought to you by Inkhorn Games

Developed for our upcoming title Order of Ancients (subreddit).

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